Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Climbing The Mountain of To Do's!

Every time I think I've reached a safe place to stop, look back and take in the view, I'm shoved forward again by yet ANOTHER "really important" thing on my endless To Do list. It's exhausting!

Write my novel? Are you kidding me?? I just saw a facebook post from one of my students enjoying the delicious isolation and support of a writer's retreat...I WANT TO BE THERE! I miss writing my own novel. I miss the ritual of stepping into the last scene to continue the story. I miss the peace of mind that comes with writing, every day, and the sound sleep that follows.

I have been so busy editing other people's novels, promoting and publishing other people's writing, making other people's deadlines more important than my own, that my writing has fallen completely off my list.

What to do? Stop the insanity and pause for a peek at the view anyway. I'm going to see what ignoring the shoves leads to. I'm going to practice saying "not right now" to the incessant interruptions and demands on my time...I'm not very good at doing this but we'll see how it goes.

Wish me luck!!