Saturday, August 15, 2009

So the story begins here...

When I say 'ten years...and counting' I'm not joking. That's how blocked I am.

It's ridiculous because I teach writers how to complete their manuscripts. Seriously, I've been doing it for over twelve years now. But I have yet to complete my own novel. Talk about teaching what you most need to learn...

My excuse is simple - I'm just too damn busy to do the one thing I want to do most in all the world - sit and write - no distractions, no endless To Do list sitting on my shoulder, yelling at me to stop writing.

If only the characters I left dangling in the corners of my mind weren't so good at haunting me, begging me to give them something to do, to say, to feel, anything other than an endless waiting for me to show back up at the page (or iBook screen) to move their stories forward, even if it's just with a sentence or two.

My journey out of the shadows of the blocked creative mind and into the light of productivity begins here.

This blog is my personal challenge to write myself out of my procrastinations, justifications and bloody minded stubbornness that has kept me from my goal of completing my half-finished novel.

I challenge myself to complete the second half of my novel by January 1st 2010. That's 20 weeks from yesterday.

Can I do it? All I need is one Catholic nun to tell me that I can't and I will move heaven and earth to prove her wrong...anyone know any nuns?

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