Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tree Time!

So I'm all packed and ready to head up North to Lincoln, Vermont, where the roads have gone swimming and the mud is, well, I'll let you know when I get there...

The last writing retreat I gifted myself was way back in November 2009. It's about time I dropped back into my novel to wrap up this second draft. I'm halfway there, but I just can't seem get passed a couple of chapters (at the most) without getting interrupted.

No-one told me having a Senior in high school was a full-time job: college applications (with essays and references), IB coursework (Creativity, Action, Service - C.A.S.), Theory of Knowledge essay and 4,000 word Extended Essay on Communism. And that's just the school stuff...never mind the teen angst and my looming separation anxiety.

And just in case you thought it was all over when the beautiful acceptance letters rolls in...not a chance!! Then you have the FAFSA form to complete (online - not too bad), income taxes to prep and file (at least 3 weeks of work there), financial aid applications and negotiations to pursue...and it just keeps rolling on until one day, as if by magic, you're stuffing your teddy into a carpet bag, grabbing the lavender oil and Pinot Noir and mapquesting your route to another adventure with the characters currently rioting in your head.

Wonder why I jumped into third person there...dissociation? Me? NEVER!

This isn't like the last retreat, when I only drove to the other end of Cape Cod to stay at my friend's gorgeous B&B for a couple of nights. Nah, this one is "Rustic" with a capital R! Three nights in a former writer's cabin in the woods, then a night in a real shit-you-not tree house...lots of fresh mountain air...and possibly rain if the forecast is right. But I'm prepared for the bathroom treks to the main house - black rubber wellies (should look great with my multicolored cotton skirt) and an LED flashlight bright enough to fool a rooster. I'm almost over the shock of learning there's no cell phone tower - radio silence until next Monday? Not so bad, once you get used to the idea...

Well the sooner I get some ZZZzzzzzz the sooner tomorrow will come. I love the night before traveling - full of bags, boxes and multiple hard drives! Just in case my little Jetta gets swallowed up by the mud monster slithering across the northern states. Hey, it could happen...

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